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Headlines, a new sans serif font family by Anita Jürgeleit.

As the name suggests, Headlines is a new sans serif font family primarily made for use in headlines. Designed by Anita Jürgeleit in 2021, the font family covers the full range of Latin-based languages including Vietnamese. Consisting of twelve styles including weights ranging from thin to bold plus matching Italics and variable fonts, this family is made for professional demands. The font comes with a great set of eye-catching ligatures. To avoid optical gaps within the lower cases, Anita Jürgeleit created variants for the most difficult combinations such as fy, rf, tz, and more.

Please note, the complete family is currently available as a heavily discounted introductory offer. For further information, just click on one of the following links.

Headlines font family by Anita Jürgeleit
Headlines font family by Anita Jürgeleit

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