Highly creative gig posters created by Dawid Ryski.

Born in 1982, Dawid Ryski lives in Pulawy, Poland where he actually works as a landscape architect, but that’s not even half of the story. He is also the creator of countless editorial illustrations that have been published in magazines such as Computer World, Health Leaders Media, L’ Optimum, American Lawyer Magazine, Esquire, and many others. He has also created numerous album covers and graphic artworks for apparel companies. He is the co-founder of a startup named Pinata Unique. He plays the drums in two bands ‘A Hidden World’ and ‘The Feral trees’. During the past years, he was tasked to create numerous gig posters for diverse festivals, bands and musicians. Some of them I want to present you now. I hope you enjoy our small selection as much as I do. To see more of Dawid Ryski’s creative work, please visit his portfolio on Behance.

Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex – gig poster illustration.
Danko Jones - Wild Cat Tour 2017
Danko Jones – Wild Cat Tour 2017
Everlast gig poster.
Imany – minimalist gig poster design.
Trentemøller concert poster.
World Wide Warsaw Festival
A graphic artwork made for the World Wide Warsaw Festival.

All images © by Dawid Ryski. Feel free to find more inspiring work in our popular Illustration and Graphic Design categories.