Illustrator James Gilleard has collaborated with animator and director Steve Kirby to create an animated music video for Fassine’s new track ‘GOLD’.

Last year, James Gilleard was asked by the band Fassine to work on an illustrated music video for their new track called ‘GOLD’. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with animator Steve Kirby. After only 3 weeks, they came up with something highly melancholic and cinematic. The illustrative style draws inspiration from the mid-century modernism, while the animations harmonically underline the sound of the track. Below you can find the video and some stills. For further information, just visit James Gilleard‘s and Steve Kirby‘s websites.

Stills from the Fassine 'Gold' music video by James Gilleard and Steve Kirby.
Stills from the Fassine ‘Gold’ music video by James Gilleard and Steve Kirby. The animation creates a melancholic and cinematic touch. The creative duo has produced the video within 3 weeks and the result speaks for itself.

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