Illustrator Stavros Damos created portraits of actor Bryan Cranston as Mr. White; poet, publisher, and editor T. S. Eliot; songwriter, musician, and actor Tom Waits; and actor Harry Melling as Harry Beltik.

Stavros Damos is a talented Greece-based illustrator with a unique style that sets him apart from others in the industry. He has been specializing in illustration for some time now and primarily works with advertising agencies, publishing houses, and magazines from both Greece and abroad. During his free time, he enjoys exploring new ideas and techniques to further his creativity. His passion for the arts keeps him motivated and optimistic about the future.

Damos’ portraits of celebrities such as Bryan Cranston, T. S. Eliot, Tom Waits, and Harry Melling are a testament to his remarkable talent. He has captured the essence of each character by using a unique style that is both striking and memorable. Enjoy the following pieces. For more, please visit Stavros Damos’ online shop or take a look at his portfolio on Behance. You can also follow him on Instagram.

Famous people illustrations by Stavros Damos
Famous people illustrations by Stavros Damos

All images © by Stavros Damos. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring work in the Illustration section on WE AND THE COLOR.

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