Extremely detailed collages and drawings by Elisa Vendramin.

Elisa Vendramin is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer who has graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London in 2010. Currently based between Italy and Iceland, she’s creating extremely detailed collages. Her semi-abstract artworks combine a great variety of visual languages including photography and drawing. Over the past years she has collaborated with international clients such as Brandever, London Science Museum, Wall&Decò, just to name a few. In addition, she’s still working on personal projects that she showcases through Arrivals Art Shop from Sweden (currently in maintenance mode) and Atelier Olschinsky Art Store from Austria. To know more about this talented illustrator, please visit Elisa Vendramin’s website: www.elisavendramin.co.uk

Sick & Wonder, Imaginary Cities: Cinema e Architetture
Sick & Wonder, Imaginary Cities: Cinema e Architetture. Illustrations for City Vision Mag, a free press magazine based in Rome.
Detailed digital collages by Elisa Vendramin.
Detailed digital collages created by Italian illustrator and graphic designer Elisa Vendramin.
Elisa Vendramin, abstract and floral patterns.
Abstract and floral illustrations.
Elisa Vendramin, SAGRA DEI OSEI 2
SAGRA DEI OSEI 2 – limited edition fine art print.
Elisa Vendramin, Self Portrait commissioned by Slanted Mansion.
Self Portrait commissioned by Slanted Mansion.

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