Eco-Friendly Furniture Made from Offcuts

Zero per stool, an eco-friendly furniture collection by South Korea based design studio, Hattern.

Inspired by the cycle of nature, where every organisms and all natural materials eventually become part of another natural process, South Korea based design studio, Hattern has designed ‘Zero Per Stool’, a collection of stools made from discarded wood. The idea was to use the amount of offcuts, which is usually generated due to the manufacturing process of the stool legs. So the discarded materials are cured in resin and reshaped to form the seat of the stool. Due to the use of these discarded materials, every seat gets its very own unique texture. The combination of raw offcuts and the milky look of the resin creates a stylish effect. Read more about the manufacturing process below the first image.

Eco-friendly furniture design: Zero per stool by Hattern.
Check out this eco-friendly furniture design! Zero per stool is a project by South Korea based design studio, Hattern.

All the cracked wood pieces are poured into a mold of viscous resin. After complete solidification of the resin, this mix of materials can be recreated into any form.

The Korean designers call it: “hybrid wood.” Due to the use of discarded wood, they managed to reduce the waste to almost 0%. Well done I would say. With their ‘Zero per Stool’ collection, they have proved that eco-friendly furniture design can look amazing!

Find more of studio Hattern’s creative work on Facebook or Instagram.

Made from offcuts cured in resin.
Its unique texture results from the use of offcuts cured in resin. The combination of discarded materials and resin creates an eye-catching effect.
Close up of the wood stool by Hattern.
Close up of the wood stool from South Korea based studio, Hattern. The furniture designers used discarded materials to turn them into something new.
Finest craftsmanship from South Korea.
Finest craftsmanship from South Korea. Detail view of the stool legs.
Edition with white resin.
This is a detailed view of the version with white resin. What a beautiful and eco-friendly furniture design!


  1. What? Wooden furniture made from off cuts? Are they possible? Yeah….very much. This post proves that. Hattern’s ‘Zero Per Stool’, a collection of stools made from discarded wood really stole my heart. I have started purchasing the unique furniture and have adorned my living room, guest room, and even my bedroom. I also shared my joy with my friends and relatives by gifting these unique pieces to them on their house-warming ceremony. Good and useful post!


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