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With this online course by Piergiorgio Robino of Studio Nucleo, you can discover the versatility of resin and learn how to color, cast, and mold it to create a unique lamp design.

Piergiorgio Robino is a functional artist and creative director at Studio Nucleo. In this online course, he will show you how to work with resin and how to create a custom lighting accessory using this versatile material. You will explore the different techniques to correctly cast, mold, and color resin. After learning these basic steps, you will be able to create your own resin lamp and light up any interior space.

The complete course consists of 21 individual lessons. They are accessible online at any time. The audio of the course is in English with subtitles available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch. This course is perfect for all DIY enthusiasts that want to learn how to work with resin. No previous experience is necessary. Just click on the following link to get further information.

Learn to Design and Build a Resin Lamp
Learn to Design and Build a Resin Lamp

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