Thomas Yang, the gifted artist behind the renowned 100copies series, has recently unveiled his 54th masterpiece, “Unfold,” a vibrant ode to the Brompton – The Foldable City Bike. This latest addition to his impressive portfolio beckons art and cycling enthusiasts alike into a world of vibrant colors and symbolic elegance.

100copies Bicycle Art Print Edition #54 - UNFOLD
100copies Bicycle Art Print Edition #54 – UNFOLD

In his own words, Thomas Yang describes “Unfold” as a special dedication to Brompton, capturing the very essence of the Foldable City Bike. The poster serves as a canvas, ready to be brought to life with a kaleidoscope of hues from the world around us. As the Brompton unfolds within the artwork, it symbolizes the journey of uncovering the true beauty of cycling.

The poster’s dimensions measure an impressive 500mm X 700mm, offering a generous space for the unfolding spectacle. The meticulous print quality achieved through Offset Lithographic Printing using 5 Pantone Colors ensures that every shade resonates with accuracy, resulting in a high-quality print. The artwork is showcased on 220gsm Maple White paper, making it suitable for archival use, and ensuring its longevity and lasting brilliance.

As one pedals through this vibrant creation, the unfolding journey mirrors the layers of experiences encountered while cycling through a city. The once monochrome canvas begins to transform into a vivid tapestry, revealing the city’s picturesque landscapes, its rich cultural nuances, and the sheer joy derived from the journey itself. Every turn of the pedal brings forth a new spectrum of colors, turning the ordinary into an extraordinary masterpiece.

Thomas Yang’s “Unfold” encapsulates the very spirit of cycling – an art form in itself, an adventure that breathes life into the urban landscape. It invites riders to unfold their imagination and explore the world through the lens of a Brompton, experiencing the beauty that lies within the simple act of cycling.

In conclusion, “Unfold” by Thomas Yang is more than just an art print; it’s a testament to the artistry and joy that cycling brings. It beckons individuals to embrace the vibrant and ever-evolving world around them, with the Brompton as their trusted companion on this colorful journey.

All images © by Thomas Yang. Don’t hesitate to find more inspiring work in the Illustration section on WE AND THE COLOR.