A sophisticated brand identity developed by Anagrama Studio for The Diligence Company.

The Diligence Company is a Atlanta, Georgia based business specializing in the creation and management of projects in the hospitality industry. With several years of experience in the fields of luxury projects such as restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, hotels & resorts, the company offers a wide range of services. Anagrama’s creative team came up with the idea of creating a visual experience that draws inspiration from Leif Eriksson’s voyages. Eriksson was an Icelandic explorer who probably discovered America long before Christopher Columbus. That’s why the logo is based on a boat that represents the idea of sailing towards new opportunities. The dark blue of the color palette resembles the ocean. In addition, the blue color represents formality and experience, which is part of the company’s personality. The usage of golden accents adds an exclusive and elegant touch to the brand identity. The typographic language presents a striking contrasts caused by the combination of a serif font and a grotesk typeface. In addition to the printed collateral, Anagrama’s creative team was asked to develop a responsive website. For further information on the work, just visit their website.

Logo design.
Logo design for The Diligence Company.
Envelopes and business cards.
Envelopes and business cards.
Stationery set.
The stationery set.
Printed collateral.
Some examples of the printed collateral.
Business cards.
Two-sided business cards.
Letterheads. Every part of the visual identity conveys a sophisticated look and feel.
Responsive website.
The team of Anagrama Studio has also developed a responsive website.
Web design.
Clean web design.

All images © by Anagrama Studio.


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