The fashion world is abuzz with the arrival of Creme Curated, a brand founded by Kévin Magalhaes, a seasoned artistic director with a keen eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary. After a decade spent shaping the creative vision of powerhouses like Lacoste, Chanel, and Drôle de Monsieur, Magalhaes embarks on a personal venture, one that promises a unique aesthetic conversation.

Creme Curated Brand Launch by Kévin Magalhaes
Creme Curated Brand Launch by Kévin Magalhaes

Creme Curated is more than just clothing; it’s a visual dialogue. Each piece acts as a canvas, celebrating the subtle beauty that weaves itself through the tapestry of our daily lives. Imagine the elegance of beige hues, each garment an invitation to discover the hidden poetry within the seemingly mundane.

Magalhaes’ background shines through in his subtle nods to Japanese culture. The oversized silhouettes, achieved through size 1 and 2 fits, and the distinct typography of the brand’s label hint at the influence of Japanese design principles. This fusion of Western and Eastern sensibilities promises a fresh perspective within the fashion landscape.

Creme Curated is poised to become a go-to for those seeking clothing that transcends trends. It’s a celebration of the understated, a quiet rebellion against the loud and ostentatious. This is fashion for those who appreciate the finer details, who find poetry in the every day, and who are drawn to a timeless aesthetic.

With its focus on quality, understated elegance, and a touch of the unconventional, Creme Curated is a name to watch. This is a brand poised to leave its mark on the world, one carefully crafted piece at a time. Feel free to follow the brand on Instagram to find out more.

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