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The Cormac typeface, a humanist font family published by foundry Typedepot in early 2017.

Designed by Alexander Nedelev for foundry Typedepot, Cormac is a simple yet friendly humanist font family that comes with diverse weights and typographic extras. The idea behind this typeface was to renounce all unnecessary forms while offering a friendly look and feel. Its humanistic character fits perfectly to modern applications whether print or web. Please read more below or click on the following link to get further information.

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Cormac, a humanist font family from Typedepot.
Cormac typeface, a humanist font family from Typedepot.

The Cormac font family, a modern typeface for multipurpose.

The friendly and legible design is mainly characterized by a large x-height and slightly flared stems. With subtle influences of calligraphic work, Cormac’s proportions are closer to traditional old style typefaces. Its diverse weights range from Extra Thin to Black. Equipped with true Italics, a wide range of numerals, ligatures, fractions, special characters, and multilingual support including Cyrillic letters, this family has been made for highest professional needs. Please note, the family is currently available as introductory offer on Fontspring, just follow the link below.

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Cormac typeface, Diverse weights plus matching Italics.
It comes in diverse weights plus matching Italics.
Cormac fonts, figure options.
The family is equipped with lots of different figure options.
Cormac font family, example of use.
Cormac fonts – examples of use.

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