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A new limited time offer from Pixelo is out: 27 high-quality fonts 99% off!

The friendly people of Pixelo have recently published a new colossal font bundle including 27 high quality fonts in different styles and various purposes such as display, hand-drawn, and script typefaces. If you would purchase all included fonts individually, you would have to pay the massive amount of $2535, but only with this special offer, you can get them all together 99%, which means you can get them all for only $29. As always, this Pixelo deal is available only for a few days! The selected typefaces can be used for diverse branding projects as well as advertisement, signage, apparel design, and so much more.

Some of the typefaces come up with numerous alternate characters, while others have many family members and different styles. The different fonts have been created by renowned type designers from around the globe. The following fonts are included: Mela Pro, Mentha, Poptis, Reborn plus extras, Knucklehead, Academy House plus logos, Summer Lemonade, Shabrina font family, Discobaby, Les Tulipes Pro, Stylist Pro, Hurley 1967 family, Bender Script, Volkschaft, Sweetheart Script, Brilliant Script, Tofino font family, Forever Young brush typeface, Forest Camp, Strangerland plus extras, Worthwhile, Castilla Script, Gliny, Flowy, Kaiya Land, Rinstonia, Maqin Larisa Script and Display. For additional information, just follow the link below.

You can get this bundle 99% off on Pixelo.

Colossal font bundle – 27 high-quality fonts.
Colossal font bundle from Pixelo – this limited time offer consists of 27 high-quality fonts.

The limited time offer is currently available on Pixelo.

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