Jing Zhang has created a playful series of map illustrations based on US American cities she has visited.

After her popular series ‘Maps of Asia’, Jing Zhang has recently published a second edition of the map project. In 2016, she was traveling across the US and visited numerous cities such as Honolulu in the very west up to New York City in the very east. Her experiences are now collected in this lovely series of map illustrations. Just have a look below. Our feature of her previous series called ‘Maps of Asia’, can be found here. For those who want to see more of Jing Zhang’s creative illustrations, please do not hesitate to visit her website or check out her images on Behance and Instagram.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Austin, Texas
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico
New York City
New York City, NY

New York animation

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