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Captura Now, a sans serif font family that comes with eighteen styles, multilingual support, and plenty of OpenType features.

German type designer Anita Jürgeleit just released Captura Now, which is the successor of Captura. The new family offers completely reworked letter shapes as well as well-balanced spacing and kerning. The expanded character set also supports Vietnamese and Cyrillic letters. In addition, Captura Now is equipped with numerous OpenType features including stylistic alternates, small caps, circled arrows, slashed zero, and many more. You can select one of the predefined styles or choose to continuously adjust the weights using the brand-new variable fonts. Captura Now comes with an 80% introductory discount, free medium styles, and variable fonts for perfect and sensitive weight adjustment. Just click on one of the following links to get further information.

Captura Now font family by Anita Jürgeleit.
Captura Now font family by Anita Jürgeleit.

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