Burlingame Font Family from Monotype

Burlingame, A Sturdy Typeface.

The Burlingame font family was designed by Carl Crossgrove in 2014 (Font Publisher: Monotype). Its typeface offers a sturdy design with clear shapes. Burlingame is easy to read, even in constrained digital settings or in challenging print environments. It’s indeed a font family for multi-purpose. Different OpenType features and multiple language support provide diverse typographical options. Burlingame’s modern typeface design is a worthy representative of the Monotype font collection.

Buy the Burlingame font family on MyFonts.com

Burlingame font family from Monotype
Burlingame font family from Monotype
Burlingame - Weights
Burlingame – Weights

The Burlingame font family is available for purchase on MyFonts.com

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