Bridone Serif Font Family

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Bridone – The Symbiosis Between British and Didone Typeface Design.

The name Bridone is composed of British and Didone. Josep Patau Bellart designed the Bridone font family in 2013 (Font Publisher: Tipo Pèpel). It’s a skillful blend of a British slab font from the late Victorian period and the typical shape of a Didone font. The typeface is characterized by  highly contrasted strokes as we know from Bodoni or Didot’s neoclassical types. Bridone provides a wide variety of weights and italic versions. Besides the basic Bridone version and Bridone Titling, the font family also includes different ornaments to support a more traditional look. Plenty of OpenType features such as Small Caps, Fractions, Ligatures and Discretionary Ligatures, as well as Initial Forms expand the typographic leeway.

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Bridone Serif Font Family
Bridone Serif Font Family
Bridone - British and Didone Typeface Design
Bridone – British and Didone Typeface Design

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