(You Want It) Darker, a selection of black and white illustrations created by Daniel Stolle.

Featured already twice before on WE AND THE COLOR, Daniel Stolle is a German born illustrator who lives in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. Since starting his professional career in 2007, he has worked predominantly in the fields of conceptual and editorial illustration. In addition, he was involved in contributing drawings for animations, book covers, stamps, etc. The selected black and white illustrations were created for a variety of clients from the publishing industry. Not all of them were published in black and white only. To see more of Daniel Stolle’s creative work, please visit his website or check out his portfolio on Behance. You can also follow him on Instagram for sure.

Daniel Stolle, Climbing up the personal mountain.
Climbing up the personal mountain.
Daniel Stolle, Up and down.
Going up and down.
Daniel Stolle, Illustrations for editorial use.
All of the illustrations were made for editorial use.
Daniel Stolle, Addiction
Daniel Stolle, Inside your mind.
What’s going on inside your mind?
Daniel Stolle, Murderous togetherness.
Murderous togetherness.

All images © by Daniel Stolle. Feel free to find more inspiring work in our popular Illustration category. Whether handmade drawings or modern vector graphics, we show you the work of the most talented illustrators from all over the world. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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