Birds, a series of lovely stamp illustrations created by Mike of Creative Mints.

Holy crap, you have to check out the following illustrations! The series of bird stamps has been illustrated by a Czech graphic designer who’s simply known as Mike. From his Prague-based design studio called “Creative Mints”, he is usually working in both fields print and web media. This self-initiated project was intended to explore diverse possibilities of graphical interpretations of birds. The outcome looks simply amazing. Using simple graphic shapes in combination with a vivid color palette, Mike has created a beautiful collection of bird stamp illustrations. For those of you who want to see more of his creative work, please visit Mike’s website or follow him on Behance and Dribbble.

Bird stamp illustrations.
Bird stamp illustrations.
Well illustrated by a Mike of Creative Mints.
Well illustrated by a Mike of Creative Mints. The graphics have been made by Creative Mints.

All images © by Czech graphic designer Mike aka Creative Mints. Feel free to find more inspiring illustrations on WE AND THE COLOR We feature both emerging and established illustrators from all over the world. Whether handmade drawings or digital graphics, we show you the best of the best. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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