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Better Times, a natural brush font with lots of extras designed by Sam Parrett.

Equipped with two styles, a regular and an alternative version as well as a bonus set of 20 swashes, the Better Times brush font has been designed by Sam Parrett. Both versions are based on Sam Parrett’s distinctive handwriting style. Better Times provides a bold, free-flowing look and feel. You can use it for plenty of applications such as branding and packaging as well as posters and greeting cards. With multi language support and its bonus set of swashes, the possibilities seem endless. It looks great in both all-caps and lowercase letters. Its alternative version comes with a completely new set of lowercase and uppercase characters, which gives you the opportunity to enhance your typographic work with an even more versatile style. To know more about this beautifully designed brush font, feel free to follow the link below.

You can purchase the typeface here.

Better Times brush font by Sam Parrett.
The Better Times brush font by Sam Parrett.
Natural handwriting style.
The typeface offers a natural handwriting style.
Great for packaging design.
It’s great for packaging design.
Quotes on images.
Or use it for quotes on images. The possibilities seem endless.
Characters and extras.
Characters and extras.

The font is available for low budget on Creative Market.

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