Available as NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) in the Crypto Bauhaus collection on OpenSea, these code-generated graphics are intended to be a minimalist but profitable investment for NFT art collectors.

Created by digital artist @dvmolen, all of the following graphics are available as NFT artworks in the Crypto Bauhaus collection on the OpenSea marketplace. As the name of the collection suggests, these pieces are inspired by the design principles of the Bauhaus movement. Another special feature of the entire collection is that these Non-Fungible Tokens were generated by code. Each piece is code-created by utilizing a specific color scheme along with simple geometric shapes.

Most of you have heard of the incredibly high prices that are now being paid for some NFTs. These Bauhaus-inspired minimalist graphics currently offer a very affordable entry-level price, which most likely allows you to resell these NFTs with a high profit (if you want).

Below you can see only five pieces of this collection of Non-Fungible Tokens. If you want to purchase some of them for your own NFT collection, just have a look here. Below each artwork, you can also find a direct link to the respective NFT on OpenSea.

Code generated Bauhaus NFT art: Modernist Prill №10 (Small)
Modernist Prill №10 (Small)
Code generated Bauhaus NFT art: Complicated Elegance №1
Complicated Elegance №1
Code generated Bauhaus NFT art: AD №17
AD №17
Code generated Bauhaus NFT art: BlocksOnBlocks №5
BlocksOnBlocks №5
Code generated Bauhaus NFT art: CircleMaker №30
CircleMaker №30

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