Barisieur Coffee-Brewing Alarm Clock

Barisieur, an automatic alarm clock that brews coffee or tea on time.

I never knew what I’m actually looking for, but now I know what I miss in my life. 😉 Wouldn’t it be great waking up to a bedside cup of coffee every morning? Everything started as a research project by London based industrial and product designer, Joshua Renouf. He developed the concept of a beautifully designed alarm clock that wakes you up with freshly brewed coffee or tea. After several months of prototyping, this unique gadget is ready for production. So Joshua Renouf and his team currently try to raise enough money on Kickstarter to realize the project. Read more about the concept below the first image.

Barisieur coffee-brewing alarm clock.
Check out the Barisieur coffee-brewing alarm clock.

How does this coffee-brewing alarm clock work?

Barisieur uses an induction hob to heat up a stainless steel base. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a reusable steel mesh filter as well as a small drawer for sugar, coffee or tea. The wooden tray on top is removable and a chilled storage keeps your milk cool through the night.

Joshua Renouf and his team need to raise 380.000 £ until June to realize their creative project. You can support it here. Check out the images and the video below. Using high-end materials, the Barisieur is definitely a beautifully designed coffee or tea brewing alarm clock!

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Waking up to a bedside cup of coffee.
Waking up to a bedside cup of coffee. Just give some milk to your cup if you like and enjoy your coffee.
Barisieur – white edition.
Barisieur will also be available in a discreet white edition to fit with any interior.
Extendable drawers for the coffee powder.
Extendable drawers for coffee powder, sugar or tea.
A creative Kickstarter project worth to support.
A creative Kickstarter project worth to support. This alarm clock can brew aromatic coffee.


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