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Download these retro flyer and poster templates and bring back the neon-colored style of the 80s.

Created by graphic designer, illustrator, and Adobe Stock contributor @Blackcatstudio, these poster and flyer templates are based on a stylish 1980s-inspired design. The flyer has been designed in a size of 220 x 110 mm, while the poster is based on a layout in the size of A4. Both templates are fully editable in Adobe Photoshop. You can add your own graphics and text with just a few simple clicks. The flashy design is well suited for plenty of needs including music events, parties, exhibitions, just to name a few. You can also extract the design to create something completely new such as album cover artworks or cool bags and t-shirt prints.

Please note, both templates require Adobe Photoshop. You can get the latest version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website—just have a look here. Below you can find both templates including the respective link to the download source of each design.

Retro 80s Sci-Fi Event Poster Template

Retro 80s Sci-Fi Event Poster Template for Adobe Photoshop
The poster template is available for download here.

80s Retro Sci-Fi Flyer Template

80s Retro Sci-Fi Flyer Template
The flyer template can be downloaded here.