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Create Nostalgic Elegance with the Fifties Font Family

The Fifties font family is a designer’s dream, offering a perfect blend of classic geometric shapes and a touch of humanistic grotesque. This unique combination creates a font that feels fresh and modern while retaining a subtle nod to the past.

VVDS Fifties Font by Vintage Voyage Design
VVDS Fifties Font by Vintage Voyage Design

A Modern Take on Mid-Century Modernism

Inspired by the aesthetics of 20th-century modernism, Fifties brings a touch of vintage charm to contemporary design projects. This versatile font family caters to a wide range of applications, ensuring you’ll find the perfect style to elevate your work.

Six Decades of Design Freedom

Fifties boasts a staggering 60 styles, including italics (slanted) variations. From the airy elegance of Expanded Thin to the bold, expressive punch of Condensed Bold, and the dynamic sharpness of Expanded Bold Italic, Fifties offers endless creative possibilities.

A Font for Every Occasion

Whether you’re crafting eye-catching theatre posters or lively party flyers, designing a vintage t-shirt or a modern web interface, creating impactful movie titles or sophisticated magazine headers, or visualizing information through infographics, Fifties seamlessly adapts to your needs.

Tailor-Made Typography

Fifties empowers you to personalize your typography. Utilize the pre-designed styles or unlock the full potential with the variable font format, allowing you to fine-tune weight and width for truly customized results.

A Feature-Rich Powerhouse

The Fifties font family comes loaded with OpenType features to enhance your design workflow. Take advantage of stylistic alternates for a variety of letterforms, fraction figures for precise numerical representation, subscript and superscript functionality, tabular figures for data-driven projects, and a comprehensive selection of typographic spaces for optimal layout control.

Weights & Widths:

  • Weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold
  • Widths: Condensed, SemiCondensed, Medium, SemiExpanded, Expanded


  • OTF and Variable Font (TTF)

Embrace the Versatility of Fifties

With its extensive range of styles, comprehensive features, and ability to adapt to diverse design needs, Fifties is sure to become a cornerstone in your font library. Embrace the power of nostalgia and create truly captivating designs with this remarkable font family.

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