Vacant is a retrofuturistic photo series shot by award-winning Australian Photographer, Brad Walls.

Award-winning photographer, Brad Walls has released a new series titled ‘Vacant’. Drawing inspiration from his fascination with surrealism and geometric art, Walls set out to create a pure, clinical, retrofuturistic theme, using white and pops of red.

This is what Brad Walls says about his ‘Vacant’ series: “To combat the claustrophobic nature of a squash court, I filled the space with as much white as possible, including the model’s wardrobe to avoid the scenes becoming too ‘boxed in’. The future wardrobe is used to contrast against the 80’s retro nature of the squash court as Walls states “I’ve always enjoyed Retrofuturism, the tension between the future and the past is intriguing. Movies like Gattaca, Blade Runner, and Beyond the Black Rainbow have been pivotal in my understanding of the genre.”

All images © by Brad Walls. Do not hesitate to find other inspiring projects from around the globe in the Photography section.

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