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Working from home has become a trend cum necessity in today’s time. Across the globe, people have started working remotely on a scale never imagined before. There are ample potential benefits while working from homes such as improved personal life and reduced stress, however, it all comes with its unique set of challenges. As we know remote work is pretty different from the traditional work structure in many ways. Effective communication and management of employees are two obvious challenges when we talk about remote teams. Face-to-face communication and interaction make it easy for all to communicate at the same level. To manage your remote teams you’d be needing different methods of communication.

With remote working, meetings have gone virtual too. Gone are the days when you could brief your teams in the conference hall and make sure everybody understands the context. Today, virtual meetings have become the new normal. Virtual meetings must feature clear and crisp information. Any miscommunication amid your remote teams can lead to a downfall in work productivity. For promoting remote teams’ communication, your virtual meetings should go seamlessly. Using PowerPoint templates for business can be an exceptional aid here. Ready to use remote team templates help you organize, provide flexibility, track workers’ progress, and emphasize communication. Let’s move ahead and explore 4 great templates suitable for your remote teams.

Work From Home Corporate Policies

Work From Home Corporate Policies:

As discussed earlier, communication while working from home is a challenge which needs to be addressed. As an entrepreneur or team leader, you need to make sure that everyone understands the process. Having organizational or project-related processes documented goes a long way in improving communication between remote employees as well as management. Work From Home Corporate Policies template has been crafted to showcase work-related policies. The template presents and communicates professional information intuitively and practically. There are over 14 slides under this template for your remote working needs.

Being 100% editable, the Work From Home Corporate Policies template can be used for a variety of tasks such as setting regular office workflow, planning of daily tasks, defining priorities, official newsletters and much more. You can edit almost every visual element present on slides to attune the template to your company’s branding. Icons, backgrounds, images, diagrams are all replaceable. One can also create innovative communication brochures as well as company posters with this template. Thus, generating modern culture and boosting communication amid remote teams is not arduous anymore.

70-20-10 Model for Learning and Development

70-20-10 Model for Learning & Development:

While working from home, it’s important to keep learning and up-skill. The 70 20 10 model is one of the most commonly used methodologies by companies around the world to train their teams. The model has a great potential to generate real business impact since it helps companies refocus on integrating new learnings in the organizational workflows. The model states that 70% of learning comes from work-related experiences, 20% comes from with whom we work and 10% comes from self-learning or planned learning solutions. When it comes to boosting the productivity of remote teams, the 70-20-10 Model for Learning & Development template can be your companion.

The template has over 8 professionally crafted slides which can be used to describe business processes, development and learning opportunities. The template comes pre-packed with doughnut charts, 3-level inverted pyramid chart, stacked chart layout, slope graphs, infographics for process timelines, silhouette elements and much more. You get high-quality graphics with this template. The template offers significant value to management professionals out there. You can enable your remote teams to discover and refine their work-related skills. The template makes it easy for you to transform the 70-20-10 model into a strategic workplace learning framework.

Swimlane Timeline:

When it comes to making sure remote teams are managing their time effectively, working on the right things and prioritizing the right tasks, the Swimlane timeline template comes into the picture. The template helps you outline goals, note down key milestones, decide timeframes and review the tasks. For any project or business as a whole to succeed, it’s crucial to keep a track of time. Once you have a project timeline, it’s only then that you can determine the duration of tasks, assignees, identify dependencies and more. The template helps you boil down multiple tasks and project related phases into a single place.

Managers can make sure they are not overburdening employees by sequencing the events under the template. Swimlane Timeline template empowers the remote employees to focus on the work while eliminating any scope of miscommunication. Tasks such as project development, risk management, quality of service etc. can all be accommodated in the template. Basically, the template provides a high-level roadmap which acts as a ‘North star’. As your team moves ahead and accomplishes tasks, you can also mark progress indicators in the template.

Business Meeting Top View:

To make virtual meetings engaging and productive, the Business Meeting Top View template can be a great resource. The template can be used in an array of virtual business meetings such as brainstorming, daily scrum meetings, business seminars, internal meetings and more.

Business Meeting Top View helps you encompass a bird’s eye view understanding of subject matter into the slides. As an entrepreneur, you can showcase your thorough understanding of the subject to your audience. The template comes handy in establishing business milestones, encouraging discussions and increasing the understanding, respectively.

Businesses can determine their needs, document revenue models and assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) with the template. The template is neat, tidy and 100% editable. With over 5 slides in action, you can get your message across your virtual audience with added ease. Business Meeting Top View template makes use of advanced flat vector shapes and thus, makes it easy to convey messages backed by maximum visual content. Since the template is fully editable, you can change the background picture as per your choice. You can also change icons, images, shapes etc., thus enabling the presentation creator to change and set the tone of presentation.

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