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Graphic Art by Kacper Kieć

Inspiring Graphic Art by Kacper Kieć

Graphic Artworks. Selected creative graphics, illustrations, and collages in a beautiful retro-vintage style by Kacper Kieć, a photographer and graphic designer based in Walbrzych, Poland.
Oscar Sanmartin Illustration

Creepy Illustrations by Artist Oscar Sanmartin

Standout Illustrations. Fantastic surreal and creepy old style illustrations by Oscar Sanmartin. Viewing the drawings let you travel to a bygone time or an unexplored world.

Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio

Stunning Product Design. The Modern Record Console of the Symbol Audio line (designed by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond) is a homage to the 50s...

Quote Typography Poster by NeueGraphic

Life is like riding a bicycle Retro style poster design by NeueGraphic. The art print is available here.

Retro Poster Illustration by Boris Pelcer

The Roaring Twenties Retro, vintage style poster design by Boris Pelcer for "The Roaring Twenties" themed 20th Annual Montessori de Terra Linda Auction.

Leica 0-Series from 1923 – World’s Most Expensive Camera

Leica 0-Series. This beautiful vintage camera is currently the world’s most expensive camera. The 21st WestLicht camera auction in Vienna on Saturday (05-12-2012) sets new record....

Poster Design by Nathan Shinkle

Retro Poster Inspiration Fantastic 60s/70s inspired posters and graphic design by Nathan Shinkle. I love the clean shapes and the use of colors. Every single print...

Mads Berg Illustrations

Inspiring Illustrations Several retro/vintage look graphics and illustrations by Mads Berg, an artist, designer and illustrator from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Vintage Inspired Photography by Alexandra Schmidt

Ferris Wheel Vintage Photography. An artistic edited photo by Alexandra Schmidt. You can buy this image as print here.

Natalia Vodianova – photographed by Glen Luchford

Stunning Retro Fashion Photography. 60s/70s inspired fashion photography by Glen Luchford. Model: Natalia Vodianova source: touchpuppet.com

Dots per Inch Poster by Nilson

Dots per Inch Retro style 'dots per inch' poster, designed by Nilson.

Retro Packaging Design by Kyle Tezak

Retro Package Design. Kyle Tezak designed this beautiful retro, vintage package design with sexy pin-ups for Mindy’s Hot Chocolate. source: designworklife.com