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Illustrations for Infographics by Giordano Poloni

Illustration. A collection of illustrations created by Milan, Italy-based illustrator and motion graphic designer Giordano Poloni for the use in infographics. The collection includes several...

Illustration Artworks by Yana Moskaluk

Inspiring Illustrations. A couple of selected artworks by Yana Moskaluk, a young Russian illustrator currently based in Moscow. The style of Yana Moskaluk's illustrations is...

Sumo Festival Amsterdam – Banner Design by Luiz Risi

Banner Design. Double-faced banner design and vector illustration by Luiz Risi for a Sumo festival in Amsterdam in 2009.

Main Image Illustration for Adobe CS6 Design Standard by Non-Format

Adobe CS6 Design Standard - Cover Creation. London-based design studio Non-Format was commissioned by Adobe to create a vector illustration for the main image of...