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Graphic Design for Colors Magazine by Felipe Rocha at Fabrica

Colors Magazine. Some graphic design work  for Colors Magazine created by Felipe Rocha, a designer at Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre.

Sumo Festival Amsterdam – Banner Design by Luiz Risi

Banner Design. Double-faced banner design and vector illustration by Luiz Risi for a Sumo festival in Amsterdam in 2009.

Forgotten Modernism – San Francisco Illustrations by Michael Murphy

Forgotten Modernism A visual exploration of various vector illustrations by Michael Murphy of San Francisco's rich catalog of modern architecture. The ongoing series shows iconic...

Main Image Illustration for Adobe CS6 Design Standard by Non-Format

Adobe CS6 Design Standard - Cover Creation. London-based design studio Non-Format was commissioned by Adobe to create a vector illustration for the main image of...
Mask - Graphic Artwork by Pavel Sabelnikov

Mask – Graphic Artwork by Pavel Sabelnikov

Mask - Vector Graphic. A graphic artwork by Pavel Sabelnikov an artist from Riga (Latvia) who is specialized in painting, vector graphics, street art, illustration,...