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I could have sworn I left it somewhere down here.

Javier Mayoral – Cartography of Nowhere

Ironic vintage-inspired paintings by Javier Mayoral. Javier Mayoral's paintings are reminiscent of old illustrations known from billboards and posters from the 1950s or 60s. But...

BLOQ – Portfolio Tumblr Theme by PixelMoxie

BLOQ - Premium Tumblr Theme. Look at this stylish tumblr theme. BLOQ is a modern portfolio tumblr theme for graphic designers, web designers, photographers, and...

ELLISIUM – Business Tumblr Theme by PixelMoxie

ELLISIUM - Tumblr Theme. It's amazing how quickly tumblr was growing to this popular blogging and social media platform. Hence, more and more companies starting...
Graphic Artworks and Illustrations by Jules Tardy

Graphic Artworks and Illustrations by Jules Tardy

Graphic Art. Jules Tardy is a designer and graphic artist working at Mother New York. On his Tumblr you can find a lot of his...

Are you looking for our Tumblr-Blog?

Looking for WE AND THE COLOR's Tumblr? Henceforward, you can find our tumblr-blog on the new subdomain: http://tumblr.weandthecolor.com