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Pet Grief, large artwork in the size of 120 x 150 cm.

Benjamin Bjorklund – Swedish Artist

Eyes on Swedish artist Benjamin Bjorklund! Benjamin Bjorklund was born near Sweden's west coast in a small town named Trollhättan. Before he started his career...
Games For Change - Illustration by Fredrik Rättzén

Illustrations and Paintings by Fredrik Rättzén

Creative Illustrations and Paintings. Look at these amazing illustrations and paintings by Fredrik Rättzén, an artist and illustrator located in Kristianstad, Sweden. His artworks are...
Sculptural art by Anders Krisárfrom, a Stockholm based artist

Visual Artist Anders Krisár

The visual art of Anders Krisár. Anders Krisár is a Swedish visual artist who lives and works in Stockholm. He achieved his artistic skills largely...