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Cinematic Photographs by Irena Fabri

Selected images taken by photographer and filmmaker Irena Fabri. Irena Fabri is a talented filmmaker and photographer based in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2008, she has...
I could have sworn I left it somewhere down here.

Javier Mayoral – Cartography of Nowhere

Ironic vintage-inspired paintings by Javier Mayoral. Javier Mayoral's paintings are reminiscent of old illustrations known from billboards and posters from the 1950s or 60s. But...

Graphic Design by Bureau Collective for the Chicago Musical at Theater...

Chicago Musical - Theater Event Design. Event campaign design by Swiss Bureau Collective for the 'Chicago" Musical at Theater St.Gallen. The poster and all the printed...

Mads Berg Illustrations

Inspiring Illustrations Several retro/vintage look graphics and illustrations by Mads Berg, an artist, designer and illustrator from Copenhagen, Denmark.
painting by masaki mizuno

Fashion Inspired Paintings by Masaki Mizuno

Fashion Inspired Paintings Beautiful artworks of acrylic paintings and pencil drawings by Japanese artist and illustrator Masaki Mizuno.
Coffee and Cigarettes Illustration by Manuel Rebollo

Coffee and Cigarettes – Illustration by Manuel Rebollo

Coffee & Cigarettes This is one of my favorite illustrations by one of my favorite illustrators: Manuel Rebollo. Check out more of his sexy girl...