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Figurative Sculptures and Installations by Daniel Arsham

Fantastic Sculptural Art. Figurative sculptures and art installations by New York-based artist Daniel Arsham. The artist likes to work with differnt and unusual materials. Inspired...

Handmade Porcelain Sculptures by Kate MacDowell

Bizarre Porcelain Sculptures. Bizarre hand-crafted sculptures Kate MacDowell. Driven by our contemporary impact on the environment, Kate MacDowell creates amazing porcelain sculptures.

Figurative Sculptures by Unmask

Sculptural Art. Selected figurative sculptures that seem to dissolve created by artist collective Unmask from Beijing, China. Beautiful surreal artworks made from stainless steel with smooth...

Yun-Woo Choi – Installations

Thought-Provoking Art Installations. If artist Yun-Woo Choi starts a new work, he asks questions to himself such as: "What is real? Where am I living?...

Freaky Art Sculptures by Gregor Gaida

Sculptural Art. Outstanding figurative sculptures by Bremen Germany-based artist Gregor Gaida. His sculptures often depict strange compositions of animals or interactions between people.

Bronze Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

Creative Sculptures. Bronze sculpture by French artist and sculptor Bruno Catalano. The special feature of Bruno Catalano's sculptures is the lacking mid section. source: designyoutrust.com

Incredible Miniature Worlds by Artist Takanori Aiba

Miniature Worlds. Super detailed miniture town sculptures by illustrator and architect Takanori Aiba. source: booooooom.com

Underwater Installations by Jason deCaires Taylor

Submerged Figurative Sculptures. Amazing underwater installations with eco-friendly concrete sculptures by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Source: thisiscolossal.com

Abstract Head Sculptures by Jon Rafman

Sculptural Art Experimental and abstract head sculptures by artist Jon Rafman.

Creepy Head Sculptures by Samuel Salcedo

Sculptural Art. Funny or creepy?! Samuel Salcedo's sculptures are definitely an eye catcher. I would like to have some of these round human heads between...

3D Paper Sculptures by Jeremy Kool

3D Sculptures from The Paper Fox Project. Some 3D paper sculptures, created by Jeremy Kool, a 3D artist and graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. Check out...

Creative Sculptures by Ron Ulicny

Inspiring Sculptures. Portland-based artist Ron Ulicny creates fantastic sculptures by repurposing and rearranging ordinary objects and materials. source: thisiscolossal.com