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Calendar 2022 Illustrations by Riccardo Guasco for Province of Alessandria

Take a look at these beautiful calendar 2022 illustrations by Riccardo Guasco. These illustrations by Riccardo Guasco for the 2022 calendar are dedicated to the...

Hall of Fame Giro d’Italia Illustrations by Riccardo Guasco

Illustrator Riccardo Guasco was commissioned to create a series of illustrations for the Giro d'Italia Hall of Fame. Riccardo Guasco has created a series of...

Tenuta Mora Bassa – Wine Label Illusteations by Riccardo Guasco

Illustrations for Wine Labels. Riccardo Guasco is an Italian cartoonist, illustrator, and painter based in Alessandria. His artworks are inspired by Cubism, Futurism and the...
Beautiful Illustrations by Riccardo Guasco

Beautiful Illustrations by Riccardo Guasco

Standout Illustrations I'm really impressed by Riccardo Guasco's creativity. Every single work is lovely illustrated in a very unique style. More here.