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Artist feature: Raymond Lemstra

Artist Feature: Raymond Lemstra

The illustrative art of Raymond Lemstra. Much time has passed since our last feature of artworks by Raymond Lemstra. So here comes an extra portion...

Creative Illustrations by Raymond Lemstra

Funny and Creepy Illustrations. I already presented you selected illustrations by Raymond Lemstra some time ago. Because his portfolio has grown a lot, I have...
Creepy Illustrated Portrait by Raymond Lemstra

Creepy Portraits by Raymond Lemstra

Amazing Illustrations. Two very creepy but funny illustrated portraits by Raymond Lemstra, an artist from The Netherlands.
Raymond Lemstra Illustration for Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape Cover

Illustration for Mercedes Mixed Tape Cover by Raymond Lemstra

Creative Illustration. Dutch Artist and illustrator Raymond Lemstra was commissioned by Mercedes Benz to create an artwork for a mixed tape cover.