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Limited Edition Tom Solo Posters by Mash Creative

Tom Solo Posters. This is a set of limited edition posters designed by Mash Creative. The screen prints featuring photography by Tom Solo in combination...

The Quote Illustration Project by Tang Yau Hoong

Illustrated Quotes. Artworks from a personal project by Tang Yau Hoong. The images combine different illustrations of Tang Yau Hoong with famous quotes.

DesignDifferent Illustrations of Famous Philosophical Quotes

Illustrated Quotations. A great poster series by DesignDifferent aka Ryan McArthur of illustrated quotes from past authors, philosophers or scientist. At first Ryan McArthur illustrates...

Creative Ad Campaign by BikeNYC

Bike like a New Yorker Ad Campaign. A clever image campaign by BikeNYC in collaboration with Transportation Alternatives. Concise quotes in striking typography presented as street...

Typographic Poster Series by Stefano Joker Lionetti

Typography Posters. A typographic poster series with various quotes by Stefano Joker Lionetti, a graphic designer based in Milan, Italy.

Typographic Poster Design from Etsy-Shop ppck

Quotation Art Prints. Typography poster design found on Etsy-Shop: ppck.

Experimental Typography by Craig Ward

Words are Pictures. Typographic works (combining typography with processing) by Craig Ward. Craig Ward is fascinated by the notion of word as image. He develops new techniques...
Creative Truths by Pixelutely

Creative Truths – Poster Design by Pixelutely

Creative Truths. A series of posters by Pixelutely with quotes from famous artists, poets and scientists about creativity and art.

Quotes Poster Series by POGO

Quotes A typographic poster series by POGO, a design and art boutique from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Quotes A typographic poster series by POGO, a design and art...

Typographic Heart Illustration by DXTR

Creative Illustration Typographic heart illustration by DXTR, an illustrator from Düsseldorf, Germany.

Blackpool Comedy Carpet

"A celebration of comedy on an extraordinary scale." Designed by artist Gordon Young in collaboration with Why Not Associates. via: typeforyou.org