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Real Estate Branding by Jekin Gala

Real Estate Brand and Web Design. Graphic designer Jekin Gala was asked to develop the brand identity and web design for CentrePoint Homes. The real...

Oeno Vaults Identity Design by Tractorbeam

Brand Design. Design and branding agency Tractorbeam created the visual identity for Oeno Vaults, a personal wine vaulting service located in Santa Rosa, California. The...

Restaurant Berg – branding, print, and web design by LSDK

Brand Design Inspiration. Stuttgart, Germany-based studio LSDK Design + Konzeption was commissioned to create a unique visual identity including printed collateral and web design.

Al’s Cafe Branding Design by Brittany Hayes

Lovely Brand Design. Brittany Hayes designed this successful rebranding for Al's Cafe. The designer used bright colors and patterns to make the new identity more...