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Creepy Illustrated Portrait by Raymond Lemstra

Creepy Portraits by Raymond Lemstra

Amazing Illustrations. Two very creepy but funny illustrated portraits by Raymond Lemstra, an artist from The Netherlands.
Fear and Desire - Illustration by Boris Pelcer

Illustration Art of Boris Pelcer

Something Somewhere - Illustration Series. This is an illustration art series of different portrait drawings by artist and designer Boris Pelcer. A collection of obscure...

Neil Armstrong – Tribute Poster by Mitchell Nelson

Neil Armstrong 1930 - 2012. UK-based Illustrator and Designer Mitchell Nelson created a tribute poster to the legendary Neil Armstrong who sadly passed away. It's...

Artistic Black and White Portrait Photography by Alexander Khokhlov

Weird Beauty - Photography. A series of artisitc black and white portraits by photographer Alexander Khokhlov in collaboration with makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan and different models.

Expressive Portrait Photography by Benjo Arwas

Portrait Photography. Some examples of expressive, photographic portraits by Benjo Arwas. Do not hesitate to check out more of his amazing photographs here.
Stefan Tosheff Illustration

Illustration Multiple Boy by Stefan Tosheff

Multiple Boy. Illustration by Stefan Tosheff for the student project: "Children and mental health". "The brief for this project was to create an illustration for the...

Digital Art and Photo Manipulation for Adobe Photoshop by Alberto Seveso

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Digital artwork by Alberto Seveso in collaboration with Tolleson Design for the 'Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended' illustrated cover portrait.

Illustrated Portraits by Jag Nagra

365 Days - 365 Illustrations Project. In the 365 days project by Jag Nagra an illustrator and graphic designer from Vancouver creates stunning portraits of...

Hyper Tryptich – Moving Portrait Sculptures by ZEITGUISED

Hyper Tryptich Moving fashion portrait sculptures by ZEITGUISED. "A collaboration with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin. Premiere at the Stink Temporary Gallery during...
Painting by Razvan Boar

Painting by Razvan Boar

Art Inspiration. Painting by Razvan Boar, an artist from Bucarest, Romania. via ineedaguide.blogspot.com

Fashion Photography by Edgar Berg

Delightful Fashion Photography. Selected fashion shots by Edgar Berg aka 'eddyzone', a photographer and designer from Dortmund, Germany. For more images and information (Stylists, Models,...

Steve Jobs Portraits by Charis Tsevis

Amazing Steve Jobs Portraits Steve Jobs portraits of several decades, created by Charis Tsevis for different magazines as collages with a variety of apple products.