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Simulations - Photographic Collage by Alexandra Bellissimo

Simulations – Photographic Collages by Alexandra Bellissimo

Simulations - Collage Series. Alexandra Bellissimo is an artist and photographer from California with an B.F.A. in photography from Art Center College of Design in...
Portrait Collage by Matt Wisniewski

Photographic Artworks by Matt Wisniewski

Photo Collages. Matt Wisniewski is a New York City based photographer and artist. He creates photographic collages made from portraits mixed with landscapes or different...
Historical Fragments by Chad Hagen

Graphic Art: Historical Fragments by Chad Hagen

Historical Fragments. A graphic art series of digital photo manipulations by Chad Hagen. Chad Hagen is an art director and graphic designer based in Minneapolis,...

Photographic Artworks by Alison Scarpulla

Experimental Photography. This is a fine selection of amazing photographic artworks by visual artist and photographer Alison Scarpulla. Alison experiments with several photographic effects and photo manipulations....
Photo Manipulations and Collages by Monika Traikov

Photo Manipulations and Collages by Monika Traikov

Photo Art. Some experimental photo manipulations and collages by Monika Traikov. Monika creates great looking retro-vintage images in an experiemtal style.
Digital Artwork by Dan Mountford

Digital Art by Dan Mountford

Mask - Art Print. Digital art by Dan Mountford. The digital artist is well known for his stunning collages and photo manipulations. Some of his...

Digital Art and Photo Manipulation for Adobe Photoshop by Alberto Seveso

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended Digital artwork by Alberto Seveso in collaboration with Tolleson Design for the 'Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended' illustrated cover portrait.
Bellman - Photomanipulative Work by Dariusz Klimczak

Bellman – Photomanipulation by Dariusz Klimczak

Bellman A surreal photomanipulative work in black and white by Dariusz Klimczak.
Form minus Function

Form minus Function by Paul Hollingworth

Experimental Photomanipulations An experinental project by Paul Hollingworth. "A series of self-initiated images titled 'Form minus Function'. It's fair to say that type and ink only ever...
Artistic Digital Photo Manipulation by Eugene Soloviev

Surreal Digital Photo Manipulations by Eugene Soloviev

Artistic Photo Manipulations Surreal digital artworks by Eugene Soloviev, a Russian Photo Manipulator from Nizhniy Novgorod.

Creative Advertising Inspiration – ad campaign for Land Rover S1 Phone

Part of an ad campaign for Land Rover S1 Phone Advertising Agency: Y&R Lima, RKCR/Y&R London