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Historical Fragments by Chad Hagen

Graphic Art: Historical Fragments by Chad Hagen

Historical Fragments. A graphic art series of digital photo manipulations by Chad Hagen. Chad Hagen is an art director and graphic designer based in Minneapolis,...

Veneer Font – Vintage Letterpress Type by Yellow Design Studio

Veneer Font. The Veneer font is a high resolution hand-crafted vintage letterpress typeface designed by Ryan Martinson (Publisher: Yellow Design Studio). With its authentic grunge style the...
art installation consisting of 32 sheeps/phones by Jean Luc Cornec

Sheep Art Installation by Jean Luc Cornec

TribuT - Installation. Made of phones art installation from 1989 by Jean Luc Cornec. The installation consists of 32 sheep that ring from time to...

Old East Berlin Architecture Photography by Matthias Heiderich

Ost. Selected images of old East Berlin architecture, places, and obejcts from the second part of the series "West/Ost" by photographer Matthias Heiderich.

Book Suggestion: Naive

Naive - Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design Author: R. Klanten, H. Hellige A documentation of the return of classical graphic design from the 40s...

Newtown Social Club – Identity Design by Liquorice Studio

Brand Identity. A simple and clean, vintage inspired graphic identity, with pastel colored stationery, fig tree stamps and a lovely packaging by Liquorice Studio for...

Identitiy Design for Re-Cycles by Design Studio ‘And’

Vintage Identity Design. Design studio 'And' created this beautiful vintage inspired brand identity. Re-Cycles is a business for bicycle restorations and repairs based in Melbourne.

Old Russian Poster Designs by Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg

Russian Vintage Posters. Some old poster designs from the 1920s by the brothers Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg. The Stenberg brothers were two Soviet artists and designers. Check out...
Photo Manipulations and Collages by Monika Traikov

Photo Manipulations and Collages by Monika Traikov

Photo Art. Some experimental photo manipulations and collages by Monika Traikov. Monika creates great looking retro-vintage images in an experiemtal style.

Black and White Photography of Praha

Praha Impressions. Some beautiful black and white shots by roblfc 1892 of famous spots and architecture of the historic city Praha.

Braun – Old Minimalistic Industrial Design by Dieter Rams

Minimalism in Product and Industrial Design. In 1955, Dieter Rams has started to work at Braun as an architect and an interior designer. From 1961...
Oscar Sanmartin Illustration

Creepy Illustrations by Artist Oscar Sanmartin

Standout Illustrations. Fantastic surreal and creepy old style illustrations by Oscar Sanmartin. Viewing the drawings let you travel to a bygone time or an unexplored world.