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Logo Design Examples by Tyler Fortney

Logo Design. Several logos designed by Tyler Fortney, an award-winning graphic designer from Ohio who is experienced in print, web and motion design.

Logo Designs by Simon Walker

Logo Design Inspiration. Some logo designs and graphics by Simon Walker.

Graphics and Illustrations by Anna Hurley

Inspiring Graphic Design and Illustrations. Designer and illustrator Anna Hurley creates beautiful graphics and illustrations for posters, greeting cards, invitations, logos, post cards and many...

Graphic Design Works by Drew Melton

Outstanding graphics for your inspiration. Just another designer with amazing skills in hand drawn types/lettering and logo design. I'm talking about Drew Melton, a freelance...

Graphics and Illustrations by Simon Walker

Inspiring Graphics. I'm very impressed by the works of graphic designer and illustrator Simon Walker. Simon is specialized in creating graphics, illustrations, and hand types....

Logo Designs by Hovercraft

Great Logo Design. Now it's time for some logo design inspiration with works by multi-disciplinary graphic design studio Hovercraft from Portland, USA.

Logo Design by Giuseppe Fierro

Logo Design Inspiration Selected brands and logo designs, created by Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Fierro between 2011 and 2012.

Logo Designs by Justin Van Genderen

I.D. Series Logo designs from a personal and fictional project by Justin Van Genderen. I bet you know some of the companies. "A fresh look at...

Illustrations by Jon Contino

Inspiring Illustrations. Artworks from various illustration, lettering, and logo design projects by Jon Contino, an illustrator and artist from New York. Besides his work as a...

Logo Design by Brad Surcey

Logo Design Inspiration. A collection of logo design works by Brad Surcey.

Logo Design by Redkroft

Logo Design Inspiration. Selected logos and logotypes by Redkroft from 2010 - 2012.

Logo Design by Floris Voorveld

Creative Logo Design. Some pictograms and logo works by Floris Voorveld, a Dutch freelance graphic designer living in Spain. More inspiring graphics on his website.