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WireShade Lighting by Marc Trotereau

WireShade Lighting. Marc Trotereau, a London-based designer has created the beautiful WireShade lighting. "The wireshade project is an interpretation of the making and the use of...

Coral Reef LED Floor Light by QisDesign

Standout Industrial Design for Lighting and Lamps. The Coral Reef LED Floor Light by Taiwan-based lighting company QisDesign, winner of the 2011 red dot design...

Lamps by Light Design Studio Ilide

Light Design. Modern lamps by Ilide, an Italian light design studio. More here.

Modern Design Lamp from Niche Modern

Modern Design Lamp: "Stamen Lamp" from Niche Modern.

W&M Design Lamp by Maxim Maximov

Modern product and industrial design. The special thing about the design of the W&M lamp is the solid wood base in combination with a modern...