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Liminal XVI – heads in the clouds.

Yang Cao Art – Liminal Paintings

Selected paintings from the 'Liminal' series by artist Yang Cao. Yang Cao is a talented artist that I recently discovered. He lives and works in...
Experimental digital artwork by Can Pekdemir

Experimental digital artworks by Can Pekdemir

Fur I & II - Experimental digital artworks on fur and hair growth abnormality. Can Pekdemir is a mixed media artist living and working in...

Artistic Black and White Portrait Photography by Alexander Khokhlov

Weird Beauty - Photography. A series of artisitc black and white portraits by photographer Alexander Khokhlov in collaboration with makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan and different models.
Tobey Rockyface

Abstract Head Sculptures by Jon Rafman

Sculptural Art Experimental and abstract head sculptures by artist Jon Rafman.
Samuel Salcedo - Head Sculptures

Creepy Head Sculptures by Samuel Salcedo

Sculptural Art. Funny or creepy?! Samuel Salcedo's sculptures are definitely an eye catcher. I would like to have some of these round human heads between...

Illustrated Portraits by Jag Nagra

365 Days - 365 Illustrations Project. In the 365 days project by Jag Nagra an illustrator and graphic designer from Vancouver creates stunning portraits of...