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Liminal XVI – heads in the clouds.

Yang Cao Art – Liminal Paintings

Selected paintings from the 'Liminal' series by artist Yang Cao. Yang Cao is a talented artist that I recently discovered. He lives and works in...
Experimental digital artwork by Can Pekdemir

Experimental digital artworks by Can Pekdemir

Fur I & II - Experimental digital artworks on fur and hair growth abnormality. Can Pekdemir is a mixed media artist living and working in...
Tobey Rockyface

Abstract Head Sculptures by Jon Rafman

Sculptural Art Experimental and abstract head sculptures by artist Jon Rafman.
Samuel Salcedo - Head Sculptures

Creepy Head Sculptures by Samuel Salcedo

Sculptural Art. Funny or creepy?! Samuel Salcedo's sculptures are definitely an eye catcher. I would like to have some of these round human heads between...

Illustrated Portraits by Jag Nagra

365 Days - 365 Illustrations Project. In the 365 days project by Jag Nagra an illustrator and graphic designer from Vancouver creates stunning portraits of...