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Flowers - 24×36 inches (91,44 x 60,96cm) - drawn with graphite on paper.

Amandine Urruty – Artist and Illustrator

Selected graphite on paper drawings by French artist and illustrator, Amandine Urruty. After a Master of Philosophy (Art) / D.E.A. d’Arts Plastiques in Toulouse and...
Two Figures In Transformation - Drawing created by Chinese-born artist Céli Lee in 2014.

Céli Lee, a London-based Chinese Artist

Selected drawings by Chinese-born artist Céli Lee. Today I want to introduce you to some beautiful drawings created by Céli Lee, a Chinese-born artist who...
Graphite on Paper Drawing by Hannah Scott

Stunning Drawings by Hannah Scott

Inspiring Drawings. Hannah Scott was born and raised in Kansas. Currently she is studying at Wichita State University as a Studio Art major with an...