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There goes the Neighborhood - Artwork by Danny Jauregui

There goes the Neighborhood – Artworks by Danny Jauregui

There goes the Neighborhood. Selected artworks of a series called "There goes the Neighborhood" from 2010 by Danny Jauregui. The artist works with rectangular shapes...
Graphic Art of Geometric Shapes by ngrafik

Graphic Art of Geometric Shapes by Jaime Romero

Geometric - Graphic Works. A series of graphic artworks created with simple geometric shapes by Jaime Romero, a graphic designer, digital illustrator, and web designer...
Melancholia Artwork of a Senior Thesis Project by Eileen Tjan

Melancholia – Abstract Graphic Artwork by Eileen Tjan

Graphic Art. This artwork is part of a senior thesis project by Eileen Tjan. The project is a series of graphic design-based pieces that visualize...
Art Sculpture of Geometric Human Body Shapes by Antony Gormley

Sculptural Art by Antony Gormley

Amazing Sculptural Art. The artist Antony Gormley combined the shape of the human body with different geometric shapes. source: triangulationblog.com