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Logo Creation Kit from Zeppelin Graphics

The logo creation kit from Zeppelin Graphics, an extensive set of graphic elements and templates for professional needs. After much planning and countless hours of...

Hand Shop – Handmade Vintage Font Packs by Fontscafe

Hand Shop - Hand Letterings. Hand Shop Fonts is a series of numerous vintage fonts, banners, elements and ornaments created in an authentic handmade style...

HP Desktop Wallpapers by Alexis Marcou

Hewlett Packard Wallpapers Alexis Marcou illustrated 3 desktop wallpapers for the 2012 Hewlett Packard notebooks. The desktop backgrouns are based on the elements: earth, fire, water.

Impressionist User Interface Pack

The Amazing Impressionist UI Pack. Designed by Vladimir Kudinov. "We have decided to chip in, because we are good at this and have designed a huge...