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Wave Cabinet – Deformable Furniture by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Wave Cabinet, a deformable furniture concept made of natural wood by Sebastian Errazuriz. Sebastian Errazuriz, a New York based artist and designer has created...
NHDK - Deconstruct and Reconstruct Photomanipulations by Víctor Enrich

NHDK – Building Photo Manipulations by Víctor Enrich

Architectural Photo Manipulations. Víctor Enrich is a photographer and digital artist who creates breathtaking surreal images. NHDK is a series of 88 images where Víctor...
Digital Art - Anatomy Studies of Hands by Linza

Digital Art – Anatomy Studies of Hands by Linza

Anatomy Studies. A series of digital artworks by the Russian Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator Linza. The artist plays with several effects of deformation and...