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Painting by Eric Lacombe

The Creepy Visual Art of Eric Lacombe

Creepy Acrylic Portraits. A selection of acrylic paintings by French artist Eric Lacombe. His paintings often show distorted ghastly faces, which convey a very creepy mood....

Frantic Drawings by Niklas Coskan

Drawings from 2013. A couple of freaky drawings from 2013 by Niklas Coskan. Currently he is studying visual communication at the University of Arts Berlin....
Come Play With Us, Forever - acrylic on canvas painting by Victor Castillo

Macabre Art – Paintings by Victor Castillo

So sweet and vicious! Acrylic paintings by Victor Castillo, an artist born in Santiago, Chile currently living in Los Angeles, California. Castillo's painting style is...

Creative Illustrations by Raymond Lemstra

Funny and Creepy Illustrations. I already presented you selected illustrations by Raymond Lemstra some time ago. Because his portfolio has grown a lot, I have...
Illustration by Erik Svetoft

Creepy Illustrations by Erik Svetoft

Bizarre Illustrations. Selected illustrations by Erik Svetoft. His drawings look so wonderfully creepy. Erik Svetoft's artworks are very bizarre, kind of eerie, but yet beautiful....

RIB EYE Illustrations by Yurex Omazkin

RIB EYE Illustration Series. Earlier this year, I featured one of Yurex Omazkin's creepy bizarre illustrations already. Today I want to show you his amazing...
Scott Greenwalt - Following Our Discussion Last Winter - acrylic on canvas

Bizarre Paintings by Artist Scott Greenwalt

Creepy Portraits. Bizarre paintings by Scott Greenwalt, an artist born in St. Louis in 1974, nowadays living and working in Oakland, CA. The artworks remind...
Dead Clown Painting by Killer Napkins

Creepy Illustrations and Paintings by Killer Napkins

Freaky Illustrative Art. Selected artworks by Jason Spencer aka Killer Napkins of creepy illustrations and paintings. The artist combines the cute and horrific to create...
Creepy Illustrated Portrait by Raymond Lemstra

Creepy Portraits by Raymond Lemstra

Amazing Illustrations. Two very creepy but funny illustrated portraits by Raymond Lemstra, an artist from The Netherlands.
The Art of Oleg Dou

The Art of Oleg Dou

Outstanding Art. Oleg Dou's art is really unique. The portrayed faces exceed limits between beauty and repulsive, living and living and death. The most salient...
Samuel Salcedo - Head Sculptures

Creepy Head Sculptures by Samuel Salcedo

Sculptural Art. Funny or creepy?! Samuel Salcedo's sculptures are definitely an eye catcher. I would like to have some of these round human heads between...
Oscar Sanmartin Illustration

Creepy Illustrations by Artist Oscar Sanmartin

Standout Illustrations. Fantastic surreal and creepy old style illustrations by Oscar Sanmartin. Viewing the drawings let you travel to a bygone time or an unexplored world.