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Abstract Geometric Poster & Cover Templates with Flat Pattern Design Elements

These abstract geometric posters and cover templates are available for download on Adobe Stock. With these Adobe Illustrator templates by @blackcatstudio, you can create stylish...

Abstract, Geometric Vector Graphics for Posters & Covers

Available for download as fully editable vector graphics on Adobe Stock, these design templates are perfect to create eye-catching posters and covers in a...

Business Presentation Cover Designs

Available as fully editable vector graphics, these templates of business presentation cover designs provide a modern look. Graphic designer and Adobe Stock contributor @kitka has...

Illustrations by Lauren Rolwing

Inspiring Illustrations. Some artworks for concert posters and magazine covers by award-winning freelance illustrator Lauren Rolwing. For more information and illustrations, check out her website.

Book Design by Wang Zhi Hong

Book Covers I'm highly impressed by Wang Zhi Hong's creativity and graphic skills. This is just a small selection of book covers, designed by Wang...

Darkness Inspired Graphics by Fredrik Melby

Dark Graphic Design. Fredrik Melby's works are inspired by the beauty of darkness. He often works for rock bands by creating stunning record covers, cd...

Steve Jobs Portraits by Charis Tsevis

Amazing Steve Jobs Portraits Steve Jobs portraits of several decades, created by Charis Tsevis for different magazines as collages with a variety of apple products.

Book Cover Designes by StudioKxx

Amazing Book Cover Designes 1. Facing Health Inequalities. A European Perspective 2. Jezyk Rozumienie Komunikacja Designed by StudioKxx.