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Album Cover Artworks by ARO / Christian Schupp

Cover Illustrations. Selected album cover artworks by ARO aka Christian Schupp for different artists. Christian Schupp is a German graphic designer and freelance illustrator born...

Illustrations and Hand-Lettering by Monaux

Inspiring Illustrations. Commissioned illustrations and hand-letterings by Monaux for cover, billboard, and poster designs. Monaux aka Karl Kwasny is an illustrator and designer currently based in New...

Unused Fortune Magazine Cover Illustration by Alex Varanese

"Steve Maobs" An unused cover artwork by Alex Varanese for Fortune Magazine. The illustration is merging Steve Jobs and Chairman Mao into a single iconic...

Illustration for Mercedes Mixed Tape Cover by Raymond Lemstra

Creative Illustration. Dutch Artist and illustrator Raymond Lemstra was commissioned by Mercedes Benz to create an artwork for a mixed tape cover.