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Award-Winning LP Album Cover Design by Constantine Leftheriotis for The Path

A surreal typographic artwork created by New York City-based graphic designer Constantine Leftheriotis for The Path—LP album cover. Commissioned...

Size Records Branding by Rebels Studios

The Size Records brand identity design by Stockholm, Sweden based Rebels Studios. Rebels Studios is a Stockholm, Sweden based full-service creative agency focusing on film,...

Album Cover Artworks by ARO / Christian Schupp

Cover Illustrations. Selected album cover artworks by ARO aka Christian Schupp for different artists. Christian Schupp is a German graphic designer and freelance illustrator born...

Album Cover Artworks by Jeff Finley

Parachute Journalists - Cover Artworks. A small selection of album cover artworks by Jeff Finley, an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and partner at Go Media.

Beck – Typographic Concept – Album Art by Mario Hugo

Typography Cover Design. Graphic designer, artist and illustrator Mario Hugo was asked to create a design concepts for a Beck album cover.

Artwork by Designchapel

Dear Deer Black. Artwork from 2010 for North Kingdom showreel soundrack. Illustration and design by Designchapel aka Robert Lindström. You can download the soundtrack, a...

Graphic Design by Martin Stousland

Beautiful Graphic Work Designed by Martin Stousland for Chris Lee’s album “Love ghost”.